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Nepal is an astonishingly beautiful and diverse country, ranging from the well-known peaks of the Himalaya to the low-lying regions of the Terai. The Nepali people also foster a wealth of cultural diversity, with over 70 languages or dialects and scores of traditional festivals celebrated throughout the year. The nation deserves to take pride in having a unique, and indeed very rich cultural and historical background. Nepal is also an under-developed country, with low rates of literacy, high rates of poverty and a persistent gender imbalance. The Volunteer Society Nepal seeks to address the issues of literacy, poverty and gender...

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Volunteer Society Nepal is a Nepali organization so we offer placements that are highly affordable and designed for youth students to adult professionals. As we are a local organization that means we know our country better and this allows us to reduce overheads, yet still provide fantastic service equal to the high cost international agencies. From the very first day of our volunteers’ arrival until your departure from Nepal, we do everything possible to make sure our volunteers will have a safe, meaningful and pleasant stay. We make sure all our volunteers are well prepared before beginning work as a volunteer; we provide you orientations, training in Nepali language, culture, work practices and guided sight-seeing tours.

Volunteer Society Nepal is committed to serve the communities in Nepal. Huge percentage of the participant’s fee directly goes for local communities. VSN is proud to share with you that we are the only volunteering organization that has already been able to establish several projects like CBIA School for 800 students, orphanages, women centers to provide vocational training and non-formal education, scholarship program for needy children, a day care center for intellectually disabled children, regular nutritional food supply to different orphanages and providing school supplies in different schools.

Volunteer Society Nepal is founded and run by Nepali professionals; we collectively have more than 50 years’ experience of working in leading international volunteer based and development organizations in Nepal. Since the last 12 years, we have been specializing in overseas volunteer programs in Nepal. We frequently visit to our project sites, meet volunteers, discuss with host families, local people and organizations, revise and set up meaningful and rewarding volunteer programs. Our staff and coordinators are consistently praised and recognized by our volunteers for their friendliness, hard work, and professional services.

Our programs are highly flexible. In addition to volunteer projects outlined on our website, Volunteer Society Nepal also offers placements in other areas at the special request of our volunteers. In our program, volunteers usually work from 1-20 weeks; we can customize your program needs to include more than one project as well. We manage volunteer programs as per your available date

We have placed hundreds of volunteers from 17 to 76 years old from all over the world. All of them have had a great experience while they made a meaningful contribution in supporting local disadvantaged & marginalized communities. After returning to their homes safe and sound, some of them have already come back to Nepal and many have made plans to come back soon to join us.

Arriving to work in a foreign country can be a nerve-wracking experience; this is why at VSN we provide a friendly and in-depth welcome. The in-depth welcome encompasses:

  1. Our representative will meet you at the airport on your arrival day and transfer to volunteer hostel or host family house according to chosen program, where you can meet with other volunteers and share their experiences.
  2. Our representative introduces you with staff member, code of conduct, organization and briefing about volunteer project placement including health and safety issues in Nepal.
  3. Our experienced facilitators/ instructors will provide you with Nepali language classes, introduction of Nepalese history, culture and customs as well as tips on handling intercultural issues in Nepali at least 2 hours a day for three days and after training other activities such as visiting VSN projects, major cultural areas, historical places, festivals, ceremonies and shopping areas around Kathmandu with the help of our team.
  4. You will receive basic information on the education system, culture, survival guidance, gender issues, caste system in Nepal and recent political changes.
  5. You will be provided all trainings and orientation focusing on preparing volunteers for understanding about cultural differences, increasing the ability of adaptation of the daily life and society to function and contribute towards development process. You will also be provided an instruction class about the transportation and hiking trails around the working area.
  6. You will be placed at the experienced host families who have been accommodating overseas volunteers for many years.

Volunteer Society Nepal not only offers the volunteering and Internship program, summer program, volunteer and Travel but also most popular and wide range of  charity Trek, Tour, hiking, jungle safari, bunji jumping, rafting, and various excursion programs with customized price.

You will be given full support by our team. Our experienced dedicated professional staff are available to you for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to support you at your placement to make a worthwhile difference during your program. Our staff are trained in placement to follow best practice procedures, including monitoring, security, and emergency procedures. The office acts as a point of contact with our staff and a general meeting point for volunteers. Our staff organizes the details of our placements and accommodation according to strict criteria and high standards. They are there to assist with any concerns, problems, advice, and general administration that may arise during your time away. They are available during the day at the office and directly contactable 24 hours a day by phone.

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Nepal is one of the most beautiful, culturally rich and welcoming country in the world. It is home to Mount Everest, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, and an astonishingly beautiful and diverse landscape, ranging from the well-known peaks of the Himalaya to the low-lying regions of the Terai. The Nepali people are as diverse at the geography, with over 70 languages or dialects and scores of traditional festivals celebrated throughout the year.
Nepal is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of biodiversity due to its altitude variation and geographical position. The country lies 60 meters above sea level. The main diverse feature about Nepal is its incredible variety of ecosystem, thick tropical jungles, teaming wildlife, greatest mountain range, forested hills and frozen valleys. Its spectacular geography is one of the richest cultural landscape, which offers an astonishing diversity of sightseeing attractions and adventure opportunities, which are found no where on earth.

The annual calendar is divided into five seasons- summers, winters, spring, monsoon and autumn. Due to presence of Mount Everest and some other challenging mountains in the world, Nepal is a hot spot of mountaineering. Many travelers with the intention of adventure or climbing visit the place to explore several of its sightseeing.
The ranges of mountains in Nepal are captured by high peaks, gorgeous hills, natural parks, and lakes.

Children, youth, schools and communities need your help. You may know that 97 out of 100 children and adolescents still live in villages, and that 31% of all Nepali people live under the poverty line. The education and health facilities in rural areas are insufficient; and the schools lack trained teachers, as well as a sufficient number of teachers in general. Every year, hundreds of children leave their villages to arrive in small and big cities in search of work. Most of these children are deprived of educational and other opportunities, so after coming into the cities they work as child laborers in restaurants, hotels, and factories. In such a messy situation, the small efforts from volunteers can bring hope for greater change in all communities.
According to the United Nations, Nepal ranks 138th in the world in overall human development, behind such countries as India and Bangladesh and one of the least developed countries in Asia. About one-half of the Nepalese people live in poverty. They endure the typical problems of impoverished people around the world, such as high rates of malnourishment, childhood mortality and illiteracy.
Rural healthcare services are at best rudimentary, with government health posts often going unstaffed and undersupplied for years. Nutrition is inadequate; vaccination rates are poor. Access to education is irregular, and low literacy rates remain a barrier to economic progress.

  • 42% of the population live below the poverty line on less than $700 a year
  • 15,000 orphans are living on Kathmandu’s streets
  • 42% of the population of Nepal are unemployed¹
  • 51% illiteracy rate throughout Nepal¹
  • 2.5 doctors are available for each 100,000 inhabitants²
  • 54% of Nepali children are malnourished³
If you’re someone who loves the view of mountains or someone who loves to climb them, then Nepal should be on the top of your bucket-list. Out of the top 10 mountain ranges in the world lying above 8000 metre, 8 lies in Nepal. This includes the World’s tallest Mountain – Mount Everest. What’s more beautiful about Nepal is you don’t really have to be near the mountain ranges to enjoy the view. You can see the mountain ranges even from Terai.
The topography of this Himalayan Kingdom makes it the first choice for adventure tours. If you’re someone who looks for adventures beyond the normal boundaries then Nepal is your destination. River Rafting, Paragliding, Trekking, Mountain Climbing, Kayaking, Boating, Bungee Jumping, Mountain Flight, you name it are all available in Nepal. You can also find the world’s most extreme Zipline here in Pokhara, Nepal.
Nepal is known as the home to world Heritages. Nepal has heavy Hindu and Buddhist influences from neighbouring Tibet and India, and these are reflected in its architecture.With four UNESCO world heritage sites in Nepal, history buffs will have a field day exploring the country’s rich legacy.
In Kathmandu Valley alone, there are seven groups of monuments and buildings highlighted by UNESCO for its historic and artistic achievements: The Durbar Squares of Hanuman Dhoka (Kathmandu), Patan and Bhaktapur, the Buddhist stupas of Swayambhu and Bauddhanath, and the Hindu temples of Pashupati and Changu Narayan.
The other three UNESCO world heritage sites are Sagarmatha National Park which includes Mount Everest, Chitwan National Park in the Terai region, and Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha.Beyond all the sights and activities Nepal has to offer, I reckon it’s the inaccessibility of the landlocked country that adds to its enigmatic charm.
Gautama Buddha on whose teaching Buddhism was founded was born in Nepal. Lumbini is one of the holiest places of one of the world’s great religions, and its remains contain important evidence about the nature of Buddhist pilgrimage centres from as early as the 3rd century BC.
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