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New Life Children’s Home

There is only one state run orphanage in Nepal which has the capacity to serve 350 children, a number that is far from reflective on the reality of the children who need homes. The Everest Foundation Nepal in the present moment has been providing care.

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Michelle, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Girls Sponsorship Program

The women of Nepal continue to face a wide range of discriminatory practices that over shadow their potential for growth and development. National statistics shows that women’s literacy rate is only 30 percent in comparison to 66 percent for men. As well not only is.

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Street Children

Street children constitute a marginalized group in most societies. They do not have what society considers appropriate relationships with major institutions of childhood such as family, education and health. There are more than 5000 children living and working on the streets of Nepal. These children.

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Carina Fung


Education is the key to a bright future – for our Nepali children and for the nation. But in most schools, the quality of education is very poor. Among the many problems including untrained and unmotivated teachers, expensive books and uniforms, crowded classrooms (often we.

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Marielle Harrison, USA

Women’s Empowerment

The discriminatory cultural and social norms of Nepalese society still play a dominating role in governing the lives of Nepalese women. There continues to be a widening gap in the ability for women to interact positively within their society. Many women frequently face issues around.

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